Place as Landscape/Place as Concept: Contemporary Enameling in the U.S.



The Center for Enamel Art is pleased to announce our first international curated exhibition called Place as Landscape, Place as Concept: Contemporary Enameling in the U. S., on display from April 19 to August 19, 2018 at the National Taiwan Craft Research & Development Institute in Taipei, Taiwan.

Whether precise or painterly, all the pieces are unified by the artists’ explorations of place and landscape from an American perspective. 

The selected works include many different formats, such as vessels, wall-pieces, and jewelry, and they incorporate a wide variety of enamel techniques, such as cloisonné, decals and photographic imagery, screen-printing, and painting with liquid and jeweler’s enamel. Hannah Sigur and Katy Cassell curated the exhibition in collaboration with Ching-Chih Wu of the Chinese Taipei Enamel Arts Association.

The roster of artists combines established masters, such as Gretchen Goss, with mid-career artists like Sharon Massey, along side of relative newcomers such as Gail Reid. The other artists are: Carly Wright, Judy Stone, Averill Shepps, Pat Musick, Sarah Loch-Test, Janly Jaggard, Kristina Glick, Greg Flint, Danielle Embry, Helen Elliot, Kat Cole, Katy Cassell, and Harlan Butt. Just click on the names of the artists for artist statements and bios.

The exhibition is an American enamel showcase housed inside a larger enamel exposition called BLAZE: International Contemporary Enamel Exhibition curated by Ching-Chih Wu and Xin-Biao Yang and sponsored CC Gallery and Three Trees Studio in Taiwan. BLAZE is based around the theme of the Chinese word “zhi” which includes multiple references such as firing, temperature, time, and creation. The BLAZE exhibition includes works by contemporary enamel artists from all over the world. The Center for Enamel Arts hopes this will be the beginning of a long, fruitful friendship with our fellow Taiwanese enamel artists and enthusiasts.